Farm and forest ecosystems cover the majority of the world’s land surface and they are fundamental to human survival. Under current patterns of land use management, these systems will not continue to sustain us in the decades to come. Versant Vision works to bring sound science into decision making around land use.

Levering ecosystems: A business-focused perspective on how debt supports investments in ecosystem services. Contributed technical expertise to this Credit Suisse report targeted to sustainability-focused investors.

2016 International Year of Pulses. Boosting awareness of the major benefits for healthy landscapes and nutritional security from increasing the productivity and sustainability of pulse crops, in partnership with the Global Pulse Confederation and Emerging Ag Inc.

Scaling up climate-smart agriculture: lessons learned from South Asia and pathways for success. Identifies key ingredients for scaling up effective practices based on workshops and case studies in South Asia to inform policy makers and rural development practitioners in this World Agroforestry Centre publication.

Stakeholders and tropical reforestation: challenges, tradeoffs, and strategies in dynamic environments. As a member of the NSF-funded PARTNERS Research Coordination Network, proposed a pathway for navigating environmental, economic, and socio-political dimensions of reforestation in this Biotropica article.

Transforming markets for conservation: Insights from the Biodiversity and Agricultural Commodities Program. Assesses a multi-year international program designed to increase awareness and adoption of biodiversity-friendly practices in agricultural commodity value chains in this EcoAgriculture Partners report for the International Finance Corporation.

Taking tree-based ecosystem approaches to scale: Evidence of drivers and impacts on food security, climate change resilience, and carbon sequestration. Gauges evidence that combining trees with agricultural production increases food security, climate change resilience, and carbon sequestration in this EcoAgriculture discussion paper.

Lessons learned from REDD for agriculture. Draws insights from Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD) to inform policies and programs for agricultural climate change mitigation in this chapter of a Routledge book on Climate Change Mitigation and Agriculture.