As the single largest threat to our planet, moderating climate change will call on every country and economic sector to take transformative action. Versant Vision specializes in solutions at the intersection of climate change, land use, and socio-economic development.

Brazil, Ethiopia, and New Zealand lead the way on climate-smart agriculture. Proposes essential policy strategies for realizing a ‘triple win’ of climate change mitigation, adaptation, and food security in this Agriculture and Food Security article.

Carbon cycle sustainability and land use. Explores the long-term potential for resilient carbon cycling within coupled natural-human systems in this synthesis chapter of a Cambridge University Press book on Land Use and the Carbon Cycle.

Agriculture and climate change in national green growth strategies. Reviews green growth policies intended to achieve both socio-economic progress and environmental conservation in eight countries and assessed the impacts of the 2007-2008 financial crisis in this CGIAR-CCAFS working paper.

Achieving food security in the face of climate change. Guided development of a science-based, global framework for coordinated policy action and investment as secretariat to the Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change convened by CGIAR-CCAFS and the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development. 

Indicators of carbon storage in US ecosystems: baseline for terrestrial carbon accounting. Defines scale-able metrics to help policymakers, program managers, and landowners to quantify net terrestrial carbon sequestration in forests, croplands, grasslands, and shrublands in this Journal of Environmental Quality article.