Sustainability challenges are many and the pathways to solving them traverse political and financial systems. Versant Vision partners with public and private sector leaders to generate innovative, science-based approaches to building a global green economy.

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Reducing risks and seizing opportunities: integrating biodiversity into food and agriculture investments. Demonstrates how the Agrobiodiversity Index can help investors to screen their portfolios and companies to estimate the impact of sustainability investments.

Climate change policy opportunities after the Paris Agreement. Advises on selection of post-COP21 policy goals through an inventory of strategic opportunities for accelerating global climate action through multilateral cooperation.

Green bond eligibility criteria for Land Use. Specifies how green bonds focused on farm and forest landscapes can achieve environmental integrity and comply with the Climate Bonds Initiative certification standard.

Steps toward green: Policy response to the environmental footprint of commodity agriculture in East and Southeast Asia. Distills insights from case studies of export-oriented agriculture in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines in this report from the World Bank and EcoAgriculture Partners.

What next for agriculture after Durban? Shines a light on what’s needed to create a ‘safe operating space’ for the global food and climate systems in this Science Policy Forum.

Food price volatility and hunger alleviation – Can Cannes work? Evaluates interacting drivers of global food price spikes that threaten progress toward international hunger reduction goals in this Agriculture and Food Security article.

Using air pollution thresholds to protect and restore US ecosystems. As lead editor for this Issues in Ecology edition, shepherded publication of air quality policy recommendations based on both pollutant emissions and ecological thresholds.