Knowledge is the foundation for every solution. Versant Vision helps agencies and institutes to converge on research and data gathering priorities for constructing the knowledge base we need to solve problems at local to global scales.

10-year research strategy for pulse crops. Presents an internationally coordinated scientific investment strategy to unlock the potential of pulses for agricultural sustainability and human well-being.

Evaluation of the CGIAR Humidtropics Research Program. Provides insights for CGIAR Phase II planning through this assessment of an innovative program that has broken new ground in collaborative systems research in Africa, Central America, and Southeast Asia.

Priorities for Research in African Landscapes. Spotlights key opportunities for leveraging science toward integrated landscape management in this Landscapes for People, Food, and Nature issues brief.

The role for scientists in tackling food insecurity and climate change. Surveys essential contributions from the scientific community for informing strategic investments in climate-smart food systems in this Agriculture & Food Security article.

Research needs for terrestrial mitigation. Provides specifications for the information system needed to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions from farms, forests, grasslands, and wetlands in this European Commission Joint Research Centre report chapter.

Closing the environmental data gap. Describes a pathway to restore the US knowledge base for effective environmental management in this Issues in Science and Technology article.

Indicators of ecological effects of air quality. Presents science-based metrics to inform monitoring and integrated assessment of ecosystem response to atmospheric nitrogen, sulfur, ozone, and mercury in this technical report for the US Environmental Protection Agency.

MercNet—Establishing a comprehensive national mercury monitoring network. Lays the technical foundation for comprehensive monitoring of ecological effects of atmospheric mercury deposition in this report for the US Environmental Protection Agency.